Prepare your Site for Google.

InfaCloud offer a Search Engine Optimisation service to help your website rank higher on Google. We follow the recent ‘Google Lighthouse; guides in order to sign off a checklist approach.


Analyse your Industry

We start by researching your industry to make sure we are able to work with your website. We will look at your local competitors and make sure you are at the top of your game.


Start the SEO Process

SEO consists of several tasks, these can be seen on the Google Lighthouse console. Nothing we do is automated, meaning you get exclusive and tailored SEO to suit your needs. 


Give Useful tips

The possibilities with SEO are endless. After we have completed our checklist, we will give you exclusive information on how you can continue your SEO journey, both onsite and offsite. 

What does SEO include?

SEO has many factors which can have a big impact on your page’s ability to rank. We have outlined some of the steps we take, in order to help your site reach that top spot.

Install Google Analytics

We will install Google Analytics onto your website so you can see real-time visitors and compare month by month data.

Configure Site Meta Tags

We will make sure your pages have appropriate site titles and meta tags. This will help Google understand what the page is about.

Install a Sitemap

We will generate and install a sitemap onto your wordpress website. This will allow Google to easily navigate your pages.

HTTPS Loading

We will make sure your website has a valid SSL Certificate and double check that ALL content is loading over HTTPS.

Configure Permalinks

We will make sure your permalinks are set from an SEO viewpoint. We will show you how to change these if needed.

Check Compatibility

We will check if your website is mobile friendly. If we come across errors we will let you know of these.

Decrease Loading Times

If we find your website to be running slow, we will optimise your website and database to speed up your site.

Check for a 404 Page

We will configure a 404 page if you have not got one setup on your website. This will have a call to action button enabled.

Social Media Linking

We will make sure all of your major social media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook are linked to your website correctly.

Google My Business

We will set up your Google My Business profile (Verification is required). We will also give tips on how to manage this profile.