Superpowered Fibre Broadband.

This customisable solution is a cost effective way to upgrade connectivity from traditional ADSL broadband to support modern business applications. With superpowered broadband you pay a single monthly fee (No Line Rental Charges).

How can you save me money on my current bills?

Increase your connectivity with a Superpowered Fibre Broadband package that offers high-speed, asymmetrical bandwidth at an attractive price. Our competitive pricing means you can minimise overheads at the same time as improving your ability to support the bandwidth-hungry applications that are critical to your business. Superpowered Fibre Broadband combines voice and data over a traditional phone line with extremely competitive tariffs, giving you a simple way to manage communications and costs. A single supplier relationship with lower telephony outgoings it’s the ideal cost-effective alternative to improve speed or traditional ADSL technologies.

Is Superpowered Fibre broadband right for me?

Certainly! Our Fibre Broadband packages are ideal for businesses of ALL sizes. This includes: New start-ups, Enterprises, Companies with two or three small offices in a single town, Larger corporates with smaller satellites where higher bandwidth services aren’t cost effective.

What speeds will I get?

We offer a range of Business grade connectivity options and a choice of bandwidth speeds (38Mbps/10Mbps or 76Mbps/20Mbps), with various data usage packages and static IP addresses. So you can build a scalable package that is customised to the needs of your business.

Will I experience any downtime?

Maintaining service and minimising downtime is easy when you upgrade to Superpowered Fibre Broadband. Our managed installation makes the migration process risk free and seamless, helping you maximise uptime and productivity for your business. A simple upgrade from traditional ADSL, Superpowered Fibre Broadband helps you to accelerate your business and improve productivity. We give priority to business traffic to ensure that your Superpowered Fibre Broadband service remains consistent – even if the network becomes congested.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply hit the button below and head on over to our contact page. Fill out your details and let us know you are interested in signing up to our Broadband plan. One of our partners will be in touch with you to discuss your options.