Email Hosting Plans.

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Email Hosting Only
Email Addresses
Email Hosting Benefits.

InfaCloud Email only Hosting allows clients to get ahead of the game with their business email addresses without having to fork out for a website hosting plan.

High security

Our email hosting comes with the latest protection from viruses and spam.

Access on any device

Load your emails in the office or on the go. InfaCloud have a solution for you.

Brand Legitimacy

With a business email address your customers will instantly know who they are communicating with.

Email Storage

Email hosting plans comes with 3GB storage. If you need more space please upgrade to a hosting plan.

Email Management

InfaCloud provide you with the tools to make emails easy. Filters, Forwards, Calendars and more.

Full Support

If you are struggling to set up your email or need advice on sending - we are always about to help.